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Jinhyung Kim, Gui Won Hwang, Minwoo Song, Dohyun Lim,

Jae-Ik Kim, Jin-Ho Choi, Yeon Soo Lee, Da Wan Kim*, Tae-Heon Yang*, and Changhyun Pang*

"A Reversible, Versatile Skin-Attached Haptic Interface Platform with Bioinspired Interconnection Architectures Capable of Resisting Sweat and Vibration"

Advanced Functional Materials, 34(17),2311167(2024) 

(*Corresponding Author) 

(2024) Advanced Functional Materials.jpg
Manuscript_adfm.202311167R1_TOC Figure.tif

Jihyun Lee, Gui Won Hwang, Bum Soo Lee, No-June Park, Su-Nam Kim, Dohyun Lim, Da Wan Kim, Yeon Soo Lee, Hyoung-Ki Park, Seulgi Kim, Jin Woong Kim, Gi-Ra Yi, Ki Hyun Kim*, and Changhyun Pang*

"Artificial octopus-limb-like adhesive patches for cupping-driven transdermal delivery with nanoscale control of stratum corneum"

ACS Nano, 18(7), 5311-5321 (2024) (*Corresponding Author) 

Gui Won Hwang†, Heon Joon Lee†, Da Wan Kim, Tae-Heon Yang*, and Changhyun Pang*,  "Soft Microdenticles on Artificial Octopus Sucker Enable Extraordinary Adaptability and Wet Adhesion on Diverse Nonflat Surfaces",

Advancd Science, 9(31), 2202978 (2022) 

(† denotes co-fist authors) (*Corresponding Author) 

Advanced Science 2022

Kim, Da Wan;  Kim, Hyunseung; Hwang, Geon-Tae; Cho, Sung Beom; Jeon, Seung Hwan; Kim, Hyeon Woo; Jeong, Chang Kyu; Chun, Sungwoo; Pang, Changhyun*"Conformably Skin-adherent Piezoelectric Patch with Bioinspired Hierarchically-arrayed Microsuckers enables Physical Energy Amplification ",  ACS Energy Letters, 7(5), 1820-1827 (2022) 

(*Corresponding Author) 

 Da Wan Kim†, Kang-Il Song†, Duhwan Seong, Yeon Soo Lee, Sangyul Baik, Jin Ho Song, Heon Joon Lee, Donghee Son*, and Changhyun Pang*, "Electrostatic-mechanical synergistic in situ multiscale tissue adhesion for sustainable residue-free bioelectronics interface", 

Advanced Materials, 2105338 (2021)

(*Corresponding Author)

Hyeongho Min†, Sangyul Baik†, Jinhyung Kim, Jihyun Lee, Bo-Gyu Bok, Jin Ho Song, Min-Seok Kim*, and Changhyun Pang*"Tough Carbon Nanotube-Implanted Bioinspired 3D Electrical Adhesive for Isotropically Stretchable Water-Repellent Bioelectronics",  

Advanced Functional Materials, 32(8), 2107285 (2022) 

(† denotes co-first authors)

(*Corresponding Author) 

Lee, Heon Joon†; Baik, Sangyul†; Hwang, Gui Won†; Song, Jin Ho; Kim, Da Wan; Park, Bo-yong; Min, Hyeongho; Kim, Jung Kyu; Koh, Je-sung; Yang, Tae-Heon*; Pang, Changhyun*,

"An Electronically Perceptive Bioinspired Soft Wet-Adhesion Actuator with Carbon Nanotube-Based Strain Sensors",

ACS Nano, 15(9), 14137-14148 (2021) † is equally contributed.
(† denotes co-fist authors)

(*Corresponding Author) 

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Figure 1.tif
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Sangyul Baik†, Jihyun Lee†, Eun Je Jeon†, Bo-yong Park, Da Wan Kim, Jin Ho Song, Heon Joon Lee, Seung Yeop Han, Seung-Woo Cho*, and Changhyun Pang*, "Diving beetle-like miniatured plungers with reversible, rapid biofluid capturing for machine-learning based care of skin disease" 

Science Advances, 7(25), eabf5695 (2021)

(† denotes co-first authors)

(*Corresponding Author) 

Science advance_2.jpg
Science advance_3.jpg
Science advance_3.jpg

Sungwoo Chun, Changhyun Pang* and Sung Beom Cho*, "A Micropillar-assisted Versatile Strategy for Highly Sensitive and Efficient Triboelectric Energy Generation under In-plane Stimuli" Advanced Materials, 32(2), 1905539 (2020)(*Corresponding Author)


Seunghoon Choi,† KukroYoon,† Sanggeun Lee, Heon Joon Lee, Jaehong Lee, Da Wan Kim, Min-Seok Kim, Taeyoon Lee * and Changhyun Pang*, "Conductive Hierarchical Hairy Fibers for Highly Sensitive, Stretchable, and Wet-Resistant Multimodal Gesture-distinguishable Sensor and VR Applications", Advanced Functional Materials, 29(50), 1905808 (2020)  † is equally contributed. 

(*Corresponding Author)

승훈이 논문.png

Sangyul Baik†, Heon Joon Lee†, Da Wan Kim, Ji Won Kim, Youngkwan Lee, Changhyun Pang*, "Bioinspired Adhesive Architectures: From Skin Patch to Integrated Bioelectronics", Advanced Materials, 31(34), 1803309. (2019) [Invited Review]

(*Corresponding Author)

리뷰 논문.jpg

Da Wan Kim†, Sangyul Baik†, Hyeongho Min, Sungwoo Chun, Heon Joon Lee, Ki Hyun Kim, Jun Young Lee, and Changhyun Pang*, "Highly permeable skin patch with conductive hierarchical architectures inspired by amphibians and octopi for omnidirectionally enhanced wet adhesion"  Advanced Functional Materials, 29(13), 1807614 (2019) † is equally contributed.   (*Corresponding Author)

다완 커버.png

Sungwoo Chun†, Da Wan Kim†, Sangyul Baik, Heon Joon Lee, Jung Heon Lee, Suk Ho Bhang and Changhyun Pang*, "Conductive and stretchable adhesive electronics with miniaturized octopus-like suckers against dry/wet skin for biosignal monitoring"

Advanced Functional Materials, 28(52), 1805224 (2018) † is equally contributed.  

(*Corresponding Author)

다완이 논문 커버.png

Sangyul Baik, Jiwon Kim, Heon Joon Lee, Tae Hoon Lee  Changhyun Pang, Highly Adaptable and Biocompatible Octopus‐Like Adhesive Patches with Meniscus‐Controlled Unfoldable 3D Microtips for Underwater Surface and Hairy Skin,

Advanced Science, 5(8), 1800100 (2018) 

(*Corresponding Author)

상열 커버.png

H. Han, Sangyul Baik, B. Xu, J. Seo, S. Lee, S. Shin, J. Lee, J. H. Koo, Y. Mei, Changhyun Pang,* and Taeyoon Lee*, "Bioinspired Geometry-Switchable Janus Nanofibers for Eye-Readable H₂ Sensors"

Advanced Functional Materials,Volume 27(29), 1701618 (2017)

(*Corresponding Author)

한희탁 논문.png

Sangyul Baik, Da wan Kim, Youngjin Park, Tae-Jin Lee, Suk Ho Bhang, Changhyun Pang*, "A wet-tolerant adhesive patch inspired by protuberances in suction of octopi" 

Nature, 546, 396-400 (2017) 

(*Corresponding Author)

new & view.jpg
new & view1.jpg

Young-Jin Park, J. Shim, Su Yeon Jeong, G. Yi, H. Chae, J. W. Bae, S. O. Kim*, Changhyun. Pang*, "Microtopography-guided Conductive Patterns of Liquid-Driven Graphene Nanoplatelet Networks for Stretchable and Skin-Conformal Sensor Array"

Advanced Materials, 29(21), 1606453 (2017)

(*Corresponding Author)

영진이 논문.jpg

Changhyun Pang, J. H. Koo, A. Nguyen, J. Caves, M. -G. Kim, A. Chortos, K. Kim, P. Wang , J. Tok, and Z. Bao, "Highly Skin-Conformal Microhairy Sensor for Pulse Signal Amplification" Advanced Materials, 27(4), 634-640 (2014)


C. Pang, M. K. Kwak, C. Lee, H. E. Jeong, W. G. Bae and K.-Y. Suh, Nano meets beetles from wing to tiptoe: versatile tools for smart and reversible adhesions

Nano Today, 7(6), 496-513 (2012) [Invited Review Article]


C. Pang, G.-Y. Lee, T.-I Kim, S. M. Kim, H. N. Kim, S.-H. Ahn, and  K.-Y. Suh, A Flexible and Highly Sensitive Strain Gauge Sensor using Reversible Interlocking of Nanofibers

Nature Materials, 11, 795-801 (2012)

nature mater.jpg
nature new_contents 2012.jpg
Featured in Toc_2012.jpg
nature new 2012.jpg

C. Pang†,  T.-i. Kim†, W. G. Bae, D. Kang, S. M. Kim, and K. Y. Suh, Bioinspired Reversible Interlocker Using Regularly Arrayed High Aspect-Ratio Polymer Fibers,”

Advanced Materials, 24(4), 475 (2012)

266CF65053A8F28F2E_처음 논문.jpg

M. K. Kwak†, C. Pang†, H.-E. Jeong, H.-N. Kim, H. Yoon, H.-S. Jung, K.-Y. Suh, “Towards the Next Level of Bio-inspired Dry Adhesives: New Designs and Applications”

Advanced Functional Materials, 21(19), 3606 (2011)

(† denotes co-first authors)

[Invited Feature Article].

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