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Our article “A wet-tolerant adhesive patch inspired by protuberances in suction of octopi (Baik et al), ” was featured in a number of AFP & UK Presses.

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Octopus-inspired adhesive could heal wounds ( by Tim Wogan | June 14, 2017

Solid and structural mechanics expert Nicola Pugno of the University of Trento in Italy believes that the work is significant. He points out that while the adhesiveness of a large conventional suction cup is comparable or slightly higher that the new surface, large suction cups cannot attach to very small or rough surfaces.

He also says that producing a film embedded with microscopic conventional suction cups would be very difficult: "A suction cup seems to be simple but, as a geometry, it's quite complex: it's tapered, for example." "Perhaps the most interesting aspect is that they were able to produce in large area these microscopic, strange suction cups with the peculiar geometry of the octopus suction cups. When you understand all the physics and optimise everything, perhaps you can achieve an order of magnitude increase in adhesion strength."

Researchers make adhesive patch that sucks like an octopus (AFP & Times Live )19 June 2017 - 10:44

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