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Biomimetic Materials: Highly Adaptable and Biocompatible Octopus‐Like Adhesive Patches with Meniscus‐Controlled Unfoldable 3D Microtips for Underwater Surface and Hairy Skin (Adv. Sci. 8/2018)

Biologically inspired adhesive architectures have been applied to develop reversible and repeatable skin patches for wound protection and smart skin‐attachable devices. In article number 1800100, Changhyun Pang and co‐workers present highly adaptable, biocompatible, and repeatable skin‐adhesive patches with unfoldable 3D microtips in micropillars inspired by the infundibulum of octopus suction cups.

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Sangyul Baik, Jiwon Kim, Heon Joon Lee, Tae Hoon Lee, Changhyun Pang*


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