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Tough Carbon Nanotube-Implanted Bioinspired Three-Dimensional Electrical Adhesive for Isotropically Stretchable Water-Repellent Bioelectronics

Hyeongho Min, Sangyul Baik, Jinhyung Kim, Jihyun Lee, Bo-Gyu Bok, Jin Ho Song, Min-Seok Kim*, Changhyun Pang*

About the Cover:

We report a highly skin-adaptive, sweat-drainable patch with an isotropically stretchable and durable nanotube-implanted electrode via a selective-transfer technique for multiplexed bioelectronics. Inspired by the wrinkled suction cups in the forelegs of diving beetles, the water-repellent adhesive patch can stably monitor multiple biosignals (electrocardiography and skin temperature) without delamination on skin in sweaty and even harsh dynamic conditions.


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