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Biomimetics: Highly Permeable Skin Patch with Conductive Hierarchical Architectures Inspired by Amphibians and Octopi for Omnidirectionally Enhanced Wet Adhesion (Adv. Funct. Mater. 13/2019)

In article number 1807614, Changhyun Pang and co‐workers report highly air‐permeable, water‐drainable, and reusable skin patches with enhanced omnidirectional peel resistance and pulling adhesion, inspired by the toe pads of tree frogs and convex cups in the suckers of octopi. The patch can be utilized as flexible electrodes by coating reduced graphene oxides to monitor electrocardiography signals without delamination on skin in sweaty and even flowing water conditions.

Da Wan Kim†, Sangyul Baik†, Hyeongho Min, Sungwoo Chun, Heon Joon Lee, Ki Hyun Kim, Jun Young Lee, Changhyun Pang*

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