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Our paper “Kinetic Modeling of Temperature Dependence of TiCl4 and NH3 Surface Reaction in Trap Systems for CVD Reactors (I&ecr, Pang et al), ” was featured in VerticalNew of Engineering Business Journal (USA Presses).

Research from C. Pang and co-researchers in the area of chemical engineering published

"The chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of titanium nitride (TiN) thin film has been a widely adopted, process for the fabrication of diffusion barrier layers in microelectronic fabrication processes. TiCl4(NH3)(2) is known to be formed as a solid product in the downstream of the CVD chambers and causes damages to the pumping systems," researchers in South Korea report.

"To prevent such damage, trap systems are installed between the process chamber and pumps. This study focuses on the flow, temperature, and reaction kinetic modeling of the chemical fort-nation of TiCl4(NH3)(2) in the trap system by computational fluid dynamics (CFD)," wrote C. Pang and...


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