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Spray Coating Technologies: Conductive Hierarchical Hairy Fibers for Highly Sensitive, Stretchable, and Water‐Resistant Multimodal Gesture‐Distinguishable Sensor, VR Applications (Adv. Funct. Mater. 50/2019)

Changhyun Pang, and co‐workers develop conductive hierarchical hairy fibers for a highly sensitive, stretchable, and water‐resistant multimodal gesture‐distinguishable sensor. With multimodal resistance and three‐dimensional microhairy structures on the conductive fiber, the sensor detects three distinct stimuli from the human body. Due to high sensitivity and distinguishability, the presented device is anticipated to be useful for virtual reality applications.

Seunghoon Choi, Kukro Yoon, Sanggeun Lee, Heon Joon Lee, Jaehong Lee, Da Wan Kim, Min‐Seok Kim, Taeyoon Lee, Changhyun Pang*


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