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  • Our vision revolves around several platforms for super-intelligent polymer 3D-architectures with a nature/bio-inspired approach by combining with multi-functional materials and large-area processing. 


  • Super-intelligent polymer 3D-architectures include  hierarchical nano/micro patterning via unconventonal lithography, 2/3/4D-printing, nanostructural assembly, and molecular level chemical treatments.   

  • Diverse super-intelligent programmable polymer 3D-architectures are investigated through understanding detailed physical and chemical phenomena and finite element analysis simulations.

  • By tailoring ultra-intelligent polymer 3D architectures, we are focusing on developing highly efficient deformable electronics, physical/chemical sensors, and soft robots/actuators, metaverse haptic device interfaces, energy harvesting devices, and biomedical drug delivery devices.

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이미지 제공: Serena Repice Lentini
이미지 제공: Zdeněk Macháček
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Super-intelligent polymer 3D-architectures for Bioinspired Soft Electronics and Bioelectronics


Soft Poymer Robots, E-skin, & Metaverse Haptic Devices 

Biomedical Drug Delivery Devices & Energy Harvesting Devices

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[포스닥 & 대학원생 모집]

지능형 소재 및 인터페이스 연구실에서는 세계적인 연구를 함께 주도할   

박사후 연구원 및 대학원생(등록금 전액, 생활비 지원, 해외학회 및 연수 지원)을 모집합니다.

연구분야: 지능형  반도체 전자 소재, 바이오 소재 및 소자, 메타버스 센서 및 부착 소재, 소프트 로봇 소재

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